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“Being an Employer Is Like Being A Parent”

Written by John J Bloomfield

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“Being an Employer Is Like Being A Parent” is something that a client said to me in passing recently because on some levels it is very true.

As a parent you have someone who depends on you to provide for them and ensure that they have their basic needs met. As an employer there is a wait of responsibility to keep the business turning so that your employees can earn a living wage so that they can support themselves and their families.

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Bonus: Salary vs Pension Contribution

Written by John J Bloomfield

Pension or Salary Road SignWith recent proposals to liberalise withdrawals from pension plans at retirement pensions have become a much more interesting subject to both employers and employees alike.

When it comes around to bonus time the use of pensions rather than payments through salary can result in extra money for employees and financial savings for employers.

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An ISA is not a product!

Written by John J Bloomfield

Shopping Bag ISA

In this time known to financial advisers as ISA season I hear a lot of people who don't normally talk finance talking about ISAs and generally have little interest in financial planning. A very smart man just said to me earlier this evening – "A guy on the radio said I should buy an ISA – how much would I expect it to be worth this time next year if I did" – I went on to explain the same thing I am about to explain to you – I had never thought of doing this sort of post before but the guy who asked the question is really smart so if he is confused in to thinking an ISA is a tangible thing or product then there are probably millions of other smart people out there who are thinking in the same way.

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