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A life insurer who wants you to be healthy?

Written by John J Bloomfield

runnersonbeachIt seems kind of obvious doesn’t it that your life insurer has a vested interest in keeping you alive!

Relatively recently a life insurer has entered the market who are aiming themselves squarely at those who want to stay or get fit and healthy. Their offering makes them difficult to compare to other providers purely on price it is a really interesting innovation.

So how does this insurer go about getting you more healthy, financial incentives that’s how.

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Introducing ImpuleSave - revolutionary Technology to make saving and investing easier.

Written by John J Bloomfield

Recently Bloomfield Financial has become one of a handfull of True Potential Associate Partners, which gives our clients access to truly market leading technology designed to enhance their investing experience and ultimately make saving and investing easier, ImpulseSave is an integral feature that I believe has many applications to make your life as my client easier.


I have made a short video to show you how easy it is to use on both mobile devices and standard desktop.


What is a wealth platform?

Written by John J Bloomfield

What is a wealth platform

You have probably heard the term 'wealth platform' in recent times the term is often used interchangeably with other terms such as 'fund supermarket' and 'wrap' but rarely is an explanation given to the reader of what a 'wealth platform' actually is. Perhaps this is understandable as they are indeed a relatively modern invention and there are many variations on a theme only really made possible by the existence of the internet and electronic trading systems.

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