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“Being an Employer Is Like Being A Parent”

Written by John J Bloomfield

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“Being an Employer Is Like Being A Parent” is something that a client said to me in passing recently because on some levels it is very true.

As a parent, you have someone who depends on you to provide for them and ensure that they have their basic needs met. As an employer, there is a weight of responsibility to keep the business turning so that your employees can earn a living wage so that they can support themselves and their families.


Having had many conversations with employers over the years who truly feel responsible for their employee’s welfare, and take pride in employing their community it is somewhat surprising that they often have not considered the consequences for the business and their employees if they were not there.

Responsible parents insure themselves against premature death and serious illness to ensure that their loved ones can be adequately provided for but few seem to realise that a responsible employer can do the same to protect their business and employees.

As an employer ask yourself;

  • How long could the business keep going without you?
  • Would you lose control of the business and perhaps have to sell if you had to take an extended time out?
  • How many people would be affected if something serious happened to you?

Given the opportunity to chat about your business and needs I’m sure we can come up with creative and easily affordable arrangements to give your life’s work a fighting chance if you’re not there for some time.

Drop me an email or give me a call and I’ll see what can be done for you, your business and your employees.