ProtectionProtection! When you read that word what comes to your mind? Car insurance/door security/pet insurance/ contraceptives?

For me when I think about protection I think of life and critical illness insurance for two reasons

  • I have personally had a successful critical illness claim
  • I work in an industry where protection means protecting your lifestyle and your home

People from a certain generation remember the ‘insurance man’ knocking at the door. I remember this from when my Mam used to pay him weekly and I remember she kept all of the insurance books together. Everything was explained in person so people felt they knew what they were paying for when we talked about insurance.

As the finance industry has evolved and changed so has the way we do business so much of the communication is done by email and terminology can get in the way when, for example when I say protection or you see it on our website I suspect it may not mean the same thing to you as it does to me, and along with the terminology we use.

John and I have had a chat and we have decided to change the word ‘protection’ on our website to something that we think is clearer to people who don’t work in our industry at the moment we are favouring ‘personal insurance’, we want to make things as clear as possible for readers if you have any better suggestions for a simple term that covers, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Income Insurance we would love to hear it.

We are hoping that this makes more sense to people and to let you know that we can look at all aspects of personal insurance.

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness insurance
  • Income insurance

We like to have an all-encompassing term because we believe strongly that Life, Critical Illness and Income insurance should all be looked at together to get the right combination of cover to match your individual needs.

It may be that you do not know what some of these are or you have some and you are not aware of what you are covered for.

My door is always open to anyone who wants to chat about their insurance needs. I am more than happy to look at your current insurance policies and let you know if they are sufficient for your circumstances or not. I am more than happy to do this without any obligation for you to proceed with my recommendations.

You can contact me on 0794 724 9380 or 0191 406 6453 I am on WhatsApp, you can contact me on our Facebook page or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.