runnersonbeachIt seems kind of obvious doesn’t it that your life insurer has a vested interest in keeping you alive!

Relatively recently a life insurer has entered the market who are aiming themselves squarely at those who want to stay or get fit and healthy. Their offering makes them difficult to compare to other providers purely on the price it is a really interesting innovation.

So how does this insurer go about getting you more healthy, financial incentives that’s how?

First off the bat just for having a plan with them, they will get you a 50% discount off flexible membership at Virgin Active gym’s depending on the part of the country you are from that saving could be worth a few hundred pounds per year. Given that their minimum premium is only £8 per month (£96 per year) then taking advantage of this benefit alone could effectively make a small additional life policy free.

But even if you are not interested in the Gym, they offer you 50% off running shoes, 50% off a Fitbug, Garmin or Polar fitness tracking device, Free Weight watchers Membership, Free quit smoking course worth £260. The list goes on to offer cash-back on lots of health and wellbeing products including bicycles, spa days and even flights. With most of the cashback deals the more ‘active’ you are the bigger the cash-back another incentive is. You can read more about the incentives in the PDF.

This particular life and serious illness plan highlights that there is often more to evaluating life insurance and protection products than just the price alone many have special features or different illness definitions.

As a financial adviser not tied down to a single life insurance provider I can help you analyse what is out there and best for you at a much deeper level than price alone.

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