I have just had an interesting conversation with a national insurance who we deal with for our clients home insurance.

A client had asked me a question about temporary home working, because as you are aware due to the current pandemic there are more people that ever work from home instead of commuting to their place of work.

The outcome of the conversation was that if you have a buildings and contents policy and you do not usually work from home you should be notifying your insurance company.

They may ask additional questions about who owns the equipment you are using, as if it belongs to the company you work for then you may not be covered, but if the equipment belongs to you then you should make sure that in the event of a claim you have sufficient insurance.

They may ask questions around what type of work is carried out from the home, and is there any cash exchanged, if you have visitors etc.

The insurance company should note this change down and advise you if you are covered for home working. Remember, once you return to your workplace you should also be notifying them of the change.

If you have always worked from home and this has always been declared to your insurance then you do not need to do anything.

If you are unsure about anything or worried if this applies to you or not I would recommend a 2 minute phone call to your insurance company to ensure that they are aware. I would hate to think that you were not insured and something was to happen.

As always stay safe and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask drop me a line.