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Government Launch Mortgage Charter

Inflation word on calculator with interest rate hike consideration form Global Economics and Inflation Control US dollar inflation and the income crisis

Earlier last week the Government announced a Mortgage Charter to help borrowers who were struggling with the increase in interest rates.

30 Lenders have signed up to this Charter and they represent approximately 85% of the mortgage market and these include Barclays, Natwest, Virgin Money, Newcastle Building Society to name but a few.

So what is the Mortgage Charter?

Mortgages: Be Prepared!

Young boy scout with stick showing open palm and three fingers put together during his backpack trip

Be prepared

That is the best piece I would give anyone who is looking for a mortgage at present!

Most people are aware of the current economic climate and how much the cost of everything has increased by! It was expected that inflation would have decreased in May, however it was announced in the news today that this did not happen and remained the same at 8.7%

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